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Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed To Take College Courses Essay

Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed To Take College Courses Prison inmates should be allowed to take college course because having an education helps reform the inmate into a useful member of society. Education is useful in helping the inmate acquire the life skills necessary to make a life change for the better. Studies have shown that inmates who participate in educational programs were less likely to recidivate once released back into to society than those who did ot participate. Allowing prisoners to take college courses restructures the way inmates think and benefits society as a whole by helping inmates adapt once released, providing Job skills necessary to find work, and aiding in inmate rehabilitation. Providing an education for inmates helps them acquire the necessary life skills to make better choices once released and makes it easier to adapt to life outside the prison walls. An educated person is better able to choose etween right and wrong and also make wiser decisions. By restructuring the way an inmate thinks, the inmate makes better choices and finds better role models to emulate. An inmate who has the ability to read and write is better able to find information for himself and is more likely to use that information to make informed decisions. It is therefore easy to deduce, an inmate who has received a prison education can think more clearly and will act more positively preventing most inmates from recidivism. Using the education gained in prison will facilitate an inmate’s adaption to society and provides the necessary Jobs skills to find work once released. Education for inmates helps build a foundation for future success and provides the Job skills necessary to help inmates find work once they are released. Teaching basic educational skills to inmates such as reading, writing, and math skills increases their chances of passing employment tests and greatly improves their..

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Mindfulness & Majjhima Nikaya

Primarily the reading from the Majjhima Nikaya, Sutta 10, discusses the purpose of mindfulness in a context of rightful meditation strategy and thinking. The first part deals with the importance of the body. It is shown through the breathing activity which somehow established mindfulness through awareness of the existence of the body. The person shall himself attach from his body as he observed its breathing in and out through meditation. The second thing that one will observe through mindful meditation is the body’s posture. Accordingly, one will realize if the body is standing, sitting or lying.According to the reading, this helps one realize the external and internal activities of the body. Through giving full attention a person could observe the activities of the body more closely and completely. The person shall then reflect about the body and all of its components in such a manner that the person will know the body in a more intimate level. Through repulsiveness of the b ody, the person will be able to identify one part from the other and what the purpose of each part is. Further reflection would be gathered when the person learned about the elements that makes up the body.Through observing the death of other human body, the person shall have an understanding that the same things can happen to him self upon death. The person understands that life has end and like any other body that dies, the person’s body is also subjected to death. That death is something that is inescapable. Aside from the body, the person shall also be able to understand his feelings through mindfulness. In this part of the reading, there was a distinction between worldly feeling and spiritual feelings. The person is either experiencing a good feeling or a bad feeling.Through meditation, the person shall be able to administer a mindful observation of the origination and dissolution factors of the feeling which he has. The person could observe internally or externally, thr ough himself or through other’s experience. The person shall also be able to understand the mind by familiarizing oneself with how the mind works. In the discussion of the mind, there is a comparison between the being and the mind such that when the body has lust, the mind also has lust, if the body hates so as the mind. The fourth thing that a person in a mindful state observes is mindful things.The person shall also be able to apprehend mindful objects. The mental objects are also the five hindrances. The first of the five hindrances is the sense-desire. The person in a mindful state is a person who knows when a sense desire is coming from him or is affecting him in any way. This way, the person is able to observe sense-desire. The other hindrances are anger, torpor and languor, restlessness and worry and doubt. The mindful person shall be able to observe these five hindrances as mental objects. The person would be able to observe the five aggregates which helps dismiss the five hindrances.The five aggregates is composed of contemplation of the arising and disappearance of a material form, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness in a way or in another. The person shall be able to contemplate through the use of the six internal and external senses. For instance were the eye and the visual form that it captures the nose and the sense of smell, the ears and the sounds, the tongue and the taste, the body and the tangible things and the mind with the mental objects. Lastly the person shall be able to learn to observe the seven factors of enlightenment.The first enlightenment factor being the act of mindfulness. The second is the investigation of the mental object. This is when the person is aware that he is investigating a mental object or is not and how such investigation proceeded. Energy, joy, equanimity and concentration is the third enlightenment factor that shall be present. This through knowing that there is or if there is no ener gy, joy, equanimity and concentration present or involve. Finally, the person shall live under the Four Noble Truth which includes understanding Dukka or suffering.One should learn that there are experiences and paths that may lead to one’s suffering, thus suffering shall be understood as something that exist externally, internally, may cease to exist or may come to existence in reality . The practice of the Four Noble Truth may lead to either the Highest Knowledge or the state of not returning. The Falun Gong also has teachings that discussed what could be found in Sutta 10 or the teachings of Buddha. The instruction of Budha which also includes the four Noble Truths and the eight fold paths can basically be reflected upon the meditation techniques mentioned in the article.With the acknowledgement of Buddha’s basic teachings such as nothing is lost in the universe, things undergone constant change and the basic law of cause and effect, the reading have illustrates tha t a Buddhist meditation must be done in accordance to the basic teachings. Mindfulness as a state that can only be attain through an understanding of the natural process of life which always has a beginning and an end. The meditation somehow reflects a cyclic process that undermines careful understanding, realization and possibility of changes.Understanding the four noble truths and advocating them is also practiced in the meditation. The observation and acknowledgement of the body reminds one that the body is a material thing that experiences pain. Observing that pain could be understood internally and externally provides an understatement regarding the way by which pain is observed to be possessed by and can be experience by anyone. By undergoing an internal observation of seeing pain and suffering, one is able to identify that through proper meditation a person is the cause of his own pain and sufferings.A realization that suffering has its roots and its end determines that suffe ring could be stop or ended. Lastly, through meditation and proper understanding of how things works and how suffering produces the pain that are felt, one should help others become unlightened. The act of mindfulness is tantamount to having a clear awareness of the things and events as it pass observation of the person. Current practices of Buddhist meditation often neglect the goal of meditation. According to the primary source the only way of overcoming â€Å"sorrow and lamentation† is through purification or through the right path.Most often the modern practices focus on correcting bad behaviors. Sometimes the main focus was on finding truthfulness, displaying forbearance and benevolence. While the focus should be on extending enlightenment to other people. Most of the time, people enlighten themselves and stay stagnant without the purpose of expanding the enlightenment to other people. There are current meditations that only focus on the physical well being or fitness; w hile the real intention must include spiritual and mental fitness as well.There are also types of modern meditation that is tied up with supernatural goals that needs increase of concentration like those that are required in yoga. Works Cited Buddhism: A Brief Introduction. Developing Virtue Secondary School. Burlingame, California: Buddhist Translation Society, 1996. Buddhist Studies. Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore. Singapore: Pan Pacific Publications Pte Ltd, 1984. Cohen, Joan Lebold. Buddha. New York: Delacore Press, 1969. Following the Buddha’s Footsteps. http://online. sfsu. edu/~rone/Buddhism/footsteps. htm Lecture Notes. Person. 2008.

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Internet Marketing in Business Essay

Learning Outcomes 1. Know what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context 2. Understand the benefits of internet marketing to customers 3. Understand the opportunities offered to businesses by internet marketing 4. Understand the challenges faced by businesses using internet marketing This assignment is my own work. If I have worked with someone else or have received help I have shown this clearly in my work. I have given references for all quotations and materials from the work of other people. Student signature†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Date †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Marking Criteria Pass Criteria to be met P1 describe the role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context P2 describe how selected organisations use internet marketing P3 explain the benefits to customers of a business using internet marketing P4 describe the benefits and opportunities to the business of using internet marketing within the marketing mix of a selected business P5 explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful P6 explain the challenges of globalisation facing a selected  business when using the internet as a marketing tool Merit Criteria to be met M1 analyse the benefits of internet marketing to customers M2 analyse the marketing opportunities and challenges faced by a selected business when using internet marketing Distinction Criteria to be met D1 evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing in meeting customer needs for a selected business Embedded English Skills Embedded Maths Skills Speaking and listening – make a range of contributions to discussions and make effective presentations in a wide range of contexts (giving presentations). Writing – write documents, including extended writing pieces, communicating information, ideas and opinions, effectively and persuasively (writing reports). Interpretation of numerical data Production of charts and tables from data Intra/Extrapolation of data to new situations Creation of case studies The Scenario 1. You will work in teams of three (maximum) people. Working individually is  allowed. 2. Each member of the team will keep a reflective diary logging their input into the team work which will be presented alongside their evidence at the end of the assignment. 3. Your team is acting as a consultancy for a business which is considering expanding their operations online. Your coursework will consist of the advice that you give this company. 4. Your will make FOUR pitches to this company, addressing the information required in the following briefs. 5. The format of the pitch is yours to decide. It must be a format which can be reviewed by a third party of necessary. Possible formats could include a written report, a presentation, a portfolio of evidence, a video or a recorded structured question and answer session etc. You are not required to use the same format to answer each brief. BRIEF ONE – P1, P2 Using examples from businesses with established online presences, describe the changes that internet marketing has delivered to the modern marketing concept, how the internet complements the traditional operations of these businesses and what benefits this use of the internet delivers for the businesses. Your pitch should include: (P1) how using the internet has changed the way companies interact with their customers (P1) which tools have been introduced to enable marketing on the internet (P1) how companies ascertain the wants and needs of the customer using the internet (P2) examples of how these tools are used by a number of businesses to market to customers (P2) examples of best practice in using the internet for marketing (P2) how internet marketing is integrated with more traditional marketing media BRIEF TWO – P3, M1 Carry out primary and secondary research into the customer experience of marketing on the internet and present the benefits that have been delivered  to these customers. This brief must be informed by actual experiences and should take into account both positive and negative responses from customers. Your pitch should include: (P3) examples of benefits to customers that have come as a result of internet marketing (P3) positive and negative case studies of customer experiences of internet marketing (M1) analyse how internet marketing builds on conventional offline marketing practices. (M1) give a detailed explanation of the effect use of internet marketing tools to enhance the customer experience. BRIEF THREE – P4, P5, P6, M2 Present the client with a guide to the practical methodology of marketing online. This should include reference to marketing strategy, including but not limited to the marketing mix, the changes to operations which will result in greater effectiveness and efficiency and the impact of moving from a local to a global business audience. It should also detail the challenges that would face the business and make recommendations on how to overcome them. Your pitch should include: (P4) an outline of the benefits and opportunities for an organisation of using internet marketing. (P4) a case study of an organisation which uses internet marketing which details their usage, using the marketing mix as a framework. (P5) an explanation of efficiency gains that can be achieved through the use of internet marketing. (P5) examples of the usage of internet marketing techniques to achieve effective and successful outcomes for organisations. (P6) examples of the impact of globalisation on organisations that use the internet for marketing. (P6) how do businesses modify their online presence to suit a global audience? (M2) an analysis of the opportunities and challenges that internet marketing creates for an organisation. (M2) detailed examples of instances where organisations have  overcome these challenges. BRIEF FOUR – D1 Present a case study of an existing business which has introduced an online marketing and/or sales function and evaluate the impact that internet marketing has had on the organisation and its customers. This brief also requires you to identify the needs of the customers and detail how they have been addressed by internet marketing. Your final pitch should include: (D1) a detailed case study of a selected business showing how they use internet marketing to achieve their aims and objectives. (D1) a detailed explanation of the wants and needs of the customers of the business. (D1) an explanation of how the use of internet marketing meets these wants and needs. (D1) an explanation of how the use of internet marketing fails to meet these wants and needs. (D1) recommendations of how the selected business could improve their internet marketing to become more efficient and effective, justified with examples of best practice and innovators in the area. RESUBMISSION FEEDBACK/DATE: SUMMATIVE FEEDBACK: STUDENT REFLECTION: UNIT GRADE: Grade (please circle) Points (please circle) P / M / D 70/ 80/ 90 Learner Declaration: Name & Signature: I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own work. I have clearly referenced any sources used in the work. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. Tutor Signature: Date:

Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Economics - Essay Example It is a type of RAM that retains its data only if it is continuously accessed by a refresher circuit, in the absence of which it loses its contents. All personal computers use DRAM, as against SRAM (static random access memory), because they are much cheaper and occupy much less space (PC Guide, 2001). Online technology news publication Network World reported on January 4, 2011, that towards the end of 2010 until the date of writing, there had been an oversupply of DRAM which sent prices to its lowest price in one year (Jennings, 2011). The situation was blamed on post-holiday oversupply, also sending prices for personal computers lower. 3.0 Analysis 3.1 Supply and Demand Demand is â€Å"a desire for a good, backed by ability and willingness to pay.† Market demand is the cumulative demand of all buyers (Dwivedi, 2005, p. 34). The law of demand is â€Å"all things being equal, the amount demanded increases with a fall in price and diminishes with a rise in price† (Marsha ll, quoted in Dwivedi, 2005, p. 35). In the article, it was mentioned that earlier in 2010 there had been a forecast of shortage for the DRAM. The forecast was based on a Goldman Sachs PC unit growth forecast made in March 17, 2010 (Telecoms Korea, 2010). Because DRAMs are major components of PCs, there was a projected increase in demand for DRAMs to service the higher demand for PC manufactures. As the market unfolded for the rest of the year, however, it became apparent that the forecasted demand was overestimated. Supply is â€Å"the quantity of a commodity which its producers or sellers offer for sale at a given price, per unit of time.† Market supply is the sum of supplies of commodity by all individual firms (Dwivedi, 2005, p. 47). The law of supply is â€Å"all things being equal, the quantity supplied increases with the increase in price, and decreases with the decrease in price† (Dwivedi, 2005, p. 47). In the article, it was mentioned that beginning December, as the holiday shopping season lost momentum, major semiconductor manufacturers continued to output DRAMs in large volume, purported to stay competitive. This was due to the earlier forecast of a DRAM shortage, for which companies increased factory capacity, that in turn required higher production outputs to even out the additional overhead and maintain a lower per unit cost. Figure 1 following is a graph of the superimposed supply and demand curves. It is evident that increasing price leads to an increase in quantity supplied and decrease in quantity demanded. The point at which the two curves intersect is the equilibrium point, representing the price at which the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied, and transactions take place. It is at this point where the market is made. There are shaded portions of the graph where surplus and shortages are represented. The interest of this paper is the area above the equilibrium point, where surplusage, or oversupply, occurs. At these prices, the quantity supplied exceeds the quantity demanded, forcing the suppliers to lower their prices. Figure 1: Law of Supply and Demand 3.2 Oversupply (Surplus) Oversupply occurs when the quantity supplied exceeds quantity demanded. This would tend to drive prices down, because suppliers would tend to outbid each other in a price war

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Conclusions and recommendations Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Conclusions and recommendations - Dissertation Example The researcher also adopted the use of interview as a research instrument to sample views from workers of the company. The research instrument was used on five out of six members of the company, which represents 83.3% of the staff strength of the company. The data that was collected was well presented and analysed. With information from these primary and secondary data collected, the researcher has drawn the following conclusions about the recruitment and selection process at B&M Company and other pertinent organisational issues that relate to the company. Efficiency and Effectiveness of Recruitment Method Because of the size of the company’s staff, it employs external recruitment method. Pillar (2011), ‘External recruitment is when organizations looks to fill the vacancy from any suitable applicant outside organizations.’ To attract applicants for vacant positions, the company advertises in local community newspaper. The company restricts itself to the local comm unity newspaper in order to minimise the number of prospective applicants because of the size of the company. It was also said that the company did not have enough funds to embark on mass publicity. This mode of advertisement however affected the effectiveness of the recruitment process. This is because it did not expose the company to reaching a large human resource base. The company should have known that the wider the range of jobseekers, the wider the range of human resource with abilities and knowledge they would have attracted. ‘Promotion and advertisement are directly linked to marketing because the promotional campaigns tend to have a huge effect on the reception of the product. Good marketing is something that helps your business grow bigger.’ (McCollister, 2007) The company however had a very detailed job description and job specification. Job description is a written statement showing job title, tasks, duties and responsibilities involved in a job. It also pr escribes the working conditions, hazards, stress and relationship with other jobs. Job specifications, also known as man or employee specifications, is prepared on the basis of job specification. It specifies the qualities required in a job incumbent for the effective performance of the job (Prasad, 2007). Because the job description and job specifications were very detailed, prospective employees had a very good idea of what the company was looking for. This approach, in no uncertain terms reduced the chances of the company having to waste resources and time interviewing people who did not have what the company was looking for. Efficiency was therefore recorded here. Efficiency and Effectiveness in Recruitment Processes The major recruitment processes involved giving feedback on candidates who were shortlisted and the interview itself. The feedback process was very effective. Most workers interviewed said they had feedback on their application was well communicated to them and they were made aware of all that to expect in the interview. It was also confirmed that the feedback was very prompt. When interviewees receive prompt feedback on their candidature to attend interviews and the interview requirements are well communicated to them, it enhances efficiency during the interview itself because it reduces the incidence of time wastage because the interviewees come well prepared. It also ensures efficiency of man power as interviewers do not do a lot of talking, explaining the interview routine

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Why did the early church grow so rapidly and what impact did this Research Paper

Why did the early church grow so rapidly and what impact did this success have on the church - Research Paper Example A good number of early religious believers and evangelists were stoned to death while others were imprisoned for failing to renounce their belief. However, despite of the endless critics and attempt to exterminate Christianity, the religion survived all attempts to get rid of it existence and is at present the leading religion in the world in terms of followers, wealth, and infrastructural development1. Just like in any other part of the world, Christianity in South Korea faced infinite resistance and denunciation from a section of the country’s population. However, the development of Christianity in South Korea was to a great extent facilitated by the support from the country’s elites and a good section of members of the general public. In the field of religious study, the research on growth and development of churches in South Korea is one of the most interesting and less studied topics. In addition, the South Korea churches are commonly known for their expansive grow th and adverse number of mega churches. The number of protestant followers has in the last few years grown significantly and is current more than 30% of the total South Korean population. Most religious believers are however for the view that, the development and growth of churches in South Korea and in the entire world is greatly facilitated by the work and power of the Holy Spirit. Scholars and thinkers hold different opinion on the factors that contributed to the significant growth of Churches in the world and especially in South Korea. According to modern scholars, contemporary development of churches all over the world is a contribution of cataclysmic economic, social, and political crises in the world. Others facets recognized for the success of Christianity are the contributions of indigenous religious tradition. The paper therefore focuses on the causes of early rapid growth of churches in the world and its impacts on churches. The essay will also seek to evaluate the lesson learnt after the 20th century Korean experiences. The utmost rationale behind the rapid development of churches was its appeal to the masses. Most of the people who were transformed to Christianity were Gentile as opposed to reformed Jews. Initially, Christianity started as a small group in Jewish community. The expansion of Christianity believers was however accelerated by consistent transformation of Gentiles into Christianity. The Gentiles were unwilling to accept Judaism due to its Strict Kosher Dietary Laws and their circumcision practices. Christianity lacked strict laws therefore it was more applying to the population at that particular historical time. The increase in the number of Christian followers therefore led to construction of more churches in the world and most specifically in areas that were densely occupied by Gentile community2. Christianity accommodative teachings were as well associated with rapid growth of churches in the world. The perception that, all people are equal in the eyes of God played an incredibly decisive role in the spread of Christianity in the world. At this historical period, people were divided into several classes according to their wealth and power. Christianity promised and preached equality to everyone in the society. Additionally, there were significant similarities in beliefs and practices between pagan religion and Christianity. As a result, Christianity incorporated approximately the entire pagan beliefs. The identification of correspondences between

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Seminar in criminology classmate response 6 Essay

Seminar in criminology classmate response 6 - Essay Example In her third paragraph, Gonzalez asserts that the defendant does not get a fair shake in a plea deal process because he or she may plead guilty without a trial. In my opinion, even though Sudnow (1965) argues that most of the defendants pleading guilty without trial are actually guilty, some are innocent. I believe those who are innocent may also decide to plead guilty because if pleading guilty is the only way that they are likely to save themselves, they end up doing it. For example, for a defendant who comes from a low-income household and has previous records of problems with the law, he or she is likely to plead guilty even when he or she is actually innocent. The defendant acts this way because of the possibility of being locked for only a short time. Additionally, defenders from low-income earning families are still likely to plead guilty even if they are innocent, because they would not want to gamble with a trial. People from low-income earning families may act this way beca use even when the state provides for them lawyer, because they do not believe in getting a just trial. As noted by Gonzalez, public defenders are known to be only accessible for only a limited time and the work they put on a case is also usually limited. Therefore, looking at it from a defender’s point of view, most people would rather plead guilty and get a shorter sentence than take their chances in court, where the outcome might not be as favorable for

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An Exceptional Leader Lee Cockerell Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

An Exceptional Leader Lee Cockerell - Case Study Example Disney World was opened in 1971 inspired by the dreams of Walt Disney who wanted a theme park on the east coast that could supplement the Disney land in California (WDW, 2011). Lee Cockerell founded the Lee Cockrell LLC company. The company is a leadership, management and consulting company that specializes in leadership and management training with an emphasis on how to create world-class customer services through exceptional leadership. The company works on the principle that there are many products and services in the market which are very similar; it is only through the interaction between the employees and the customers that make the difference and gives the organization the competitive advantage (Horn, 2011). He speaks at various conferences, training people in a very simple down-to-earth style that relates to everyone listening to him. Lee has long experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with very many companies all over the world including the Hilton Hotels Corp oration, Marriot Hotels, and Resort before finishing off at the famous Walt Disney Company (Horn, 2011). It is after retiring that he formed his own company in order to share what he has learned all the years in the world’s biggest companies. ...Banks cannot lend them money because they do not have the experience to run the company and secondly is that they do not have security with which the banks can take in case they fail to repay the loaned money (Awogbenle & Iwuamadi, 2010). This becomes a big challenge and many people often fail to start businesses because of this problem. Cockrell was also faced with the same problem and this is well explained because of his poor background. He was just a farm boy and he did not have enough money that could help him start any business. Though he tried to seek for ways he did not get any far because of the same reasons explained above (Cockrell, 2008). Many people and companies face the same problem at the start but once they are runnin g they are able to secure funding from other sources such as banks and other financial institutions that help them in the running of the business. The second problem that faced Lee was the lack of managerial skills. Just like other entrepreneurs, many of them begin with very little knowledge of how to run a business. They lack the essential management skills that are very important in ensuring that people and other resources are managed effectively so as to produce outcomes (Crispen Chipunza, 2011). The result is usually disastrous with many of the businesses closing down because of poor management. Many examples exist in the world today of such business and there are also many examples of people who have failed because of lack of managerial and leadership skills. Lee saw this and decided to pursue a degree in management so that he could understand better how to run a business effectively.

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Assignment Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Assignment - Research Proposal Example Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries are the most rare injuries.(1- JM) Most suspected knee disorders become diagnosed first through conventional radiographs (X-rays). These radiographs are effective in demonstrating fractures because the show bones and joint spaces. Their sensitivity to soft tissue conditions remains low except in conditions where the tissues contain mush calcium or fat. X-rays are also relatively insensitive to destruction of medullary bone and loss of cartilage as well. The basic examination consists of lateral and ante posterior (AP) projections of the knee.(Carmen MartÄ ±Ã‚ ´n-Herva ´s) Radiographs and CTs remain effective modalities for post-operative imaging following ACL reconstruction. CTs, however, depict femoral tunnel in more accurate manner than radiographs. The radiation dosage however, is almost double that of the radiographs and this should be effective considered when utilizing CTs over radiographs ( Anagha et al). Plain radiographs provide limited assistance in dealing with sports related injuries. They can only be indicated in circumstances where there is significant impact injury. Positive findings are however, occasionally demonstrated in ACL disruptions, where there is depression of the lateral femoral notch, and segond fracture. Computed Tomography (CT) provides effective analysis for categorizing fracture of the tibia plateau. Ultrasound imaging is utilized minimally together with magnetic resonance imaging when analyzing many knee injuries. Ultrasound becomes reliable in assessment of quadriceps and patellar tendons, when symptoms of injury are located within the anterior joint, and are focal. Ultrasound easily identifies collateral ligaments. Injuries to these ligaments are however associated with derangement and MRI becomes essential in demonstrating the full spectrum of the injury (12- EUGENE G). MRI utilizes high soft tissue contrast and multiplanar capability in

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Material Science - conclusion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Material Science - conclusion - Assignment Example he two is inversely proportional, which means that if the tempering temperature increases, the hardness decreases, and when the temperature decreases, the hardness increases. The lower the presence of carbon in the alloy, the lower the grade of the carbon steel is, thus, the softer the metal is. Whereas, the higher the presence of carbon content, the higher the grade, and the stronger the carbon steel is. Another issue is the machinability per se of the metal. As it enters the high machining zone, it could potentially lead to poor surface quality. In order to improve the process of machining, the involvement of heating, cooling, and mechanical vibrations should be integrated into the external energy assisted machining. The future trend should be of perfecting the machining process of metals instead of the use of external energy assisted machining per se. Moreover, considering the applications where Carbon steel is commonly used, it is important that it should be heated and machined

A Critique of the Western Notions of Progress from an Anthropological Essay

A Critique of the Western Notions of Progress from an Anthropological Perspective - Essay Example Western nations had colonized vast areas of the globe and had begun to exploit their resources in a systematic fashion. Old subsistence level work in agriculture was replaced by labor saving machinery, and mass production of all kinds of consumer goods. Goods became cheaper, and life, for those in the West at least, was made easier. This point of view treated all of the earth’s problems as matters which could be solved by mankind’s ingenuity. In recent years this notion that humans are moving in a positive direction, improving their lives as they move from caveman status, to hunter gathering, to farming and now to industrialization has been challenged. Jared Diamond (1994) reports these notions are widely assumed to be true but not proven. The theory that agriculture creates food surpluses, which allow people more leisure time, and thus the space to create cultural advances is just a theory, for example, and there are other possible interpretations of human history over the long term. Diamond cites the work of anthropologists with modern hunter-gatherer tribes as evidence that this lifestyle is precisely not inferior to the agricultural lifestyle: â€Å"these people (= Kalahari bushmen) †¦ have plenty of leisure time, sleep a good deal, and work less hard than their farming neihbors† (Diamond: 1994, 106)

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Tantalus Poem Essay Example for Free

Tantalus Poem Essay Favored by the gods of Olympus He partied dined and wined Cool to the mortals was Tantalus But he soon would pay the fine. He went behind the god’s backs From them Tantalus stole He committed other cruel acts Once a friend now a foe. If Tantalus was more of an honest man He wouldn’t take advantage of the god’s trust Accepting the lending hand Instead of turning it into dust. If Tantalus had another shot He would make a better soup Not boil his son hot But use a chicken from the coop. If Tantalus had another take He wouldn’t have hid the golden pet He was the source of Zeus’ heartbreak Got caught he should fret. If Tantalus had another chance He wouldn’t have been so famished He saw nectar and ambrosia in a glance They noticed and his penalties were lavished. Tantalus wasn’t the only one whose life was filled with demise His family wasn’t allowed good fate Only positive thing was his son’s rise This left his family filled with hate which wasn’t so great. Tantalus suffered in the afterlife Placed above him an apple tree Trying to take a bite was strife I bet he wished he could flee. Placed below him was water Never allowed a sip Tantalus shouldn’t even bother He wasn’t even allowed a drip. Tantalus learned from his mistakes Although it was too late He learned not to see objects and take Also not to use his son as bate.

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Ulysses program in price water house coopers

Ulysses program in price water house coopers The Ulysses Program is a leadership development program that is partnering with PricewaterhouseCoopers to enhance leadership potentials. The incorporation of Ulysses to PwC has lead to emergence of a diversified team in the global field (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2000). There are several competitive challenges that motivated PwC in developing the Ulysses Program: Q1 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and other partners saw a need to initiate a new design in the leadership training that could help in bringing up executives, who would fit in the global diversity and transnational nature of the operations of the firm in late 90s (Storey 2003). The firm needed to orient people to become leaders who had a wider scoop in the leadership skills that did not only fit a particular situation but rather could handle any arising challenge across the globe. The quench to conform to this situation led to the emergence of the Ulysses Program which was perceived to incorporate most of the best traits that were needed in the partnering PwC, to bring out developmental leadership links to various communities. Ulysses was meant to instill concepts of leadership qualities among personnel in the PwC which would enable it meet its core goals (Sparrow et al., 2004). The program was initiated in the year 2001 where the firm sent a number of people to the developing countries where they were supposed to employ their leadership qualities in environments that posed different challenges. Compared to their home countries, the developing countries experienced political, social and economic challenges that called for a totally different approach in both running and management (Pless Maak 2009 pp.58). PwC therefore had to be multicultural oriented and accustomed to relatively poor technological advancements that the developing countries had. In realizing this, small teams were dispatched to operate in these fields on rotational basis, each constituting eight weeks working with NGOs, intergovernmental agencies and community based organizations. The exercise mainly comprised working to confront Aids epidemic scourge, poverty challenges, conflict and environmental degradation (CS). It was back in the year 2000 that the leadership team of the PwC drew attention to the global ever-changing trends in business running and management. PwC however lacked a global leading capacity to meet with the challenges presented by the intricate worldwide business and was at the verge of being left behind as top performing partners in leadership. Other big companies were taking a lead in the Ulysses Program in efforts to nurture leaders all over the globe through exposing them to varied environmental situations so that their leading skills are enhanced. Within a period of five years, the Ulysses Program had already dispatched 80 partners through its program and with 22 participants in the year 2006 (Marquez 2005 pp.50). In the year 2004, the firm resolved to deploy its staff in countries in Africa that were experiencing varied problems that ranged from health to economic. Most important of the teams that comprised of 18 young partners coming from different PwC boundaries was one sent to combat challenges presented by HIV/AIDS in various African countries especially in Namibia and Uganda. Other included landmine improvement in Eritrea, reintegration of ex-combatants in East Timor and the small project development in Ecuador (Hofstede, 2004) Learning activity in the Ulysses project was program to take several levels for each individual team and in the organization levels where there is cross exchange of the acquired knowledge between clients and the organization. All the members who were sent out for a particular mission were supposed to report back to the firm on their experiences during their leadership responsibilities. These briefing were critical in analyzing what was better to adopt which enabled the PwC to keep on refining the Ulysses model so as to meet the global leadership requirements in a better way (Marquez 2005 pp.51). Q2. Ulysses program has been able to make PwCs business strategy and goals successful. On its launching, the firms were more inclined towards the partners from Europe and USA only. This posed a misbalancing which Ulysses came as a solution by ensuring a multicultural and geographical diversity amongst all the teams. Its wider scoop of approximate 8000 partners from member firms of 768 cities coming from 139 countries made it possible to effectively incorporate different cultures and locations. All the participating candidates in the Ulysses project were required to have been selected from the heads of each company from respective territories. These nominations were based on excellence and thus ensured candidates with the best leadership potential per took the leadership roles (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2000). The joint PwC and Ulysses for instance applied their global business expertise in Southern Belize which turned out to be very successful. In the program, Brian McCann, a PwC client service that was a partner from Boston and who specialized in merges and acquisition, the rewards- both personal and professional, took part in the Ulysses project, was recruited and surprisingly found himself as the only member originating from the US team. This team (Belize) consisted of other colleagues from Malaysia, Sweden and Germany (Patton, 2004). The team lead in activities of leadership with Ta`axche Conservation trust (YCT) which was an NGO located in Southern Belize. The local government and the private sector were also involved in evaluating the growth and income-generating potential of the eco-tourism market in the region. The priority for the team incorporated building capacity in YCT, to ensure excellent services in meeting the needs of the local Mayan people. Economic conditions in souther n Belize were desolate, with approximately half of the population being no employed and 75% earning less than $200 a month (Patton, 2004). In spite of the tough circumstances and a short time framework, the team was able to deliver an exceptional work product for the clients. Through them, an international microgrant program looking for a local partner in Belize was put in place. They also wrote a proposal for YCT which was to offer micro funding for 100 new and on hand small businesses in the region over the following two years. The Ulysses team also started up a business training workshop for members of a Mayan womens craft center, developed a business plan for YCT and its woodworking training center, put up a computerized accounting systems for the Trust, and evaluated income generating opportunities for the Belize Forestry Department (Patton, 2004). Q3. The effectiveness of the Ulysses program can be determined through weighing on the Success of the outcomes of various projects under which were steered by Ulysses. It is therefore important to evaluate them against the programs goals which were: To recognize and build up future leaders of PwC to take on senior leadership responsibilities at national and international levels within a time span of five to ten years. To put up a global network of PwC leadership talent To enhance PwCs capacity to capitalize on its diversity and transnational nature of its operation To train leaders to guide the leadership in the global world of ambiguity and tension between diverse interests and stake holders groups To encourage the business sector to move towards a more responsible and sustainable business model In reflection towards this, Ulysses was successful in promoting a co-learning environment and openly worked with the participants on their interpersonal improvement tactics concerning to what the desired to learn from NGO partners. Further, the program was able to bring out cultural differences as an enabler as opposed to earlier perception that it was a barrier. The incorporation of diverse cultures was able to enhance on team acceptance, quality and more innovations which became part of the culture of PwC. Building relationships with clients and stakeholders across borders brought more collaboration which resulted to more success (CPID, 2005). Reports coming from PwC show that the program cycle has advanced offering the participants with wider global perspectives which are relevant to any company running its businesses all over the world (CS). Douglas Ready, a director in the International Consortium for Executive Development Research noted that the Ulysses Program has helped candidates to confront challenges that are beyond the strict confines of accounting and consultation skills. In addition, he argues that the program has instilled ideals like the community involvement that are elementary to its business culture (CRME, 2005). Ulysses has also offered a chance to partnering firms to rely on. The program has forced them to take on projects that are not in their proficiency. An example is during 2003 summer where McCann developed a business plan for an ecotourism group in Belize (Hempel Porges, 2004 p.74). This development castigated more innovation in diverse fields. McCanns most vivid memory is a dinner that he had with a Mayan farmer after spending a day discussing on a plan; Though the conditions were not favorable due to lack of electricity (CS). All PwC partners agree that theyve already put into practice their experiences to the charge of administrating people and clients. A Malaysian partner Jennifer Chang once pointed out that her team noticed a shift in her managerial style after the Belize trip. She listened more and became more flexible. According to her, it is after witnessing how other organization took long to effect decisions that one gained the patience for the people that one is working with. Ayub was among those promoted in June 2003 who became a manager of 20 partners. In his view, face-to-face conversations were better over e-mail due to the low-tech approach, building trust. The adoption of this technique made him achieve a significant progressive difference in Namibia.ÂÂ   Ulysses is even prone to be more than a expedition of personal discovery for a handful of partners. It could help build leaders capable of confronting the challenges of an increasingly global business (CS). Q4. Ulysses program presents both advantages and disadvantages in offering leadership development programs to its partners. During the short duration that candidates are enrolled in the program, they develop skills of leadership which arms them with good network as future leaders of PwC taking responsibility for longer periods of five to ten years (Evans et al., 2002). This is a relatively shorter training period as compared to other traditional ways where courses take up three to five years. On the other hand, the longer serving term takes the perspective that the world being highly ambiguous with tensions amid varied interests and stakeholders groups exists. Future PwC leaders are then predestined to forefront and shape a business model that is more accountable and sustainable and allows joint venture between business and civic societies (Dickmann Harris, 2005). The Ulysses program poses another benefit in that the concepts instilled to participants are directly related to building leaders who in return can be able to build businesses. The program thus focuses on unlocking performance and embracing diversity that makes its models well versant with global business environments and the demands related. Its can be argument reasonably that, whenever a brand is made, a sustainable business is also created to complement it (Jain 2004 pp. 13). Further, Ulysses eight-week program project in developing countries that merges NGOs and inter-governmental organizations seeks to bring a cohesive forum that is able to meet most of the challenges that a respective country may be experiencing. As opposed to the traditional ways, this program is more involving: participants are required to deliver developmental project managed by a partner organizations which moulds them to be innovative (Bhaskar-Shrinivas et al., 2005). In East Timor for instance, a UN project attempting to give ex-combatants of the independence struggle new meaning to their jobs and lives in their communities; PwC partners were drawn in to access the efficiency of the project. It was able to deploy its multinational teams and transfer them to the area to apply their capabilities and develop strategies that reflected new skills and behaviors. In additional, Ulysses participants benefit in the program, among other the GP initiative where there is a strong focus on su pport for intra-company network building (Harris et al., 2003). On the other hand, Ulysses is an expensive program that snatches away the original glamour of PwC as the enormous leading firm in training global world leaders thus a disadvantage.

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JJ Supermarket, NZ: An Analysis

JJ Supermarket, NZ: An Analysis J J worked locally owned in New Zealand to buy product. Store under license agreement with the permission of the group continued to sell a few vendors worldwide. It is operated by Jayesh Patel and Janaki. Store has many parts to it, such as food, snacks, butchery, and a variety of wine and beer. Moreover, all this abundance lotto shop and Western Union. In order to receive the best products in the area and the operating system money in the community to help the local people. Each month, the store owner makes love to charity a community group or person. Business hours: 7 day a week 7:00am to 10:00pm Assessment Part 1 Determine the resource needs for purchasing and supply.      Ã‚   When workers and goods on time and the time necessary to understand, what is to be sent. Particular work places and ways to discern if to take stock, to buy the paint and responsibilities of the users within. As soon as he left the firm is in harmony with the right way. Users Item Quantity J J Supermarket Just juice orange 2.5L 3 Boxes Orange pine Juice 2.5L 3 Boxes Bluebird cheddar 100g 6 Boxes Whiskas chicken 6Boxes Whiskas Turkish mince 6Boxes Whiskas beef lamb 6Boxes muesli with apple 3 Boxes olive oil 550ml 3Boxes Arnotts nuts 290g 5 Boxes HB round tea 290g 6Boxes Sunlight dishwasher/wash refill 700ml 2Boxes BBQ Chips 160g 5Boxes Ding dong nuts 110g 6Boxes Ding dong snack 110g 11Boxes Tomato sauce 370gm 3Boxes Chocolates 45gm 3Boxes Rubbish bags 55 pack 3Boxes Identify the need for data from qualitative and quantitative, and technical information and work together to use. Item Qualitative quantitative Technical Performance Orange juice Just juice 3 Boxes 2.5l Non artificial colors or preservatives Orange pine juice Just juice 3 Boxes 2.5l No sugar cheddar Blue bird 5 Boxes 110g Good Packing Chicken gravy Whiskas 2Boxes 6 pack big storage Chicken turkey Whiskas 2Boxes 6 pack big storage Beef lamb Whiskas 2Boxes 6 pack big storage Apple Muesli Forex 3 Boxes 150g fresh seal olive oil Home Brand 3 Boxes 500ml Less cholesterol Ginger nuts Arnott 4 Boxes 250g No sugar Bisk round tea Home Brand 5 Boxes 250g No sugar Plastic cups Supermarket standards 1000 pieces 300ml each Protected Paper bags Supermarket standards 3 Boxes Recycled paper Durable Dish/washer refill Sunlight 2 Boxes 600ml Tough on pan, soft on hands Chips kettles nuts Signature Range 4 Boxes 150g Wholegrain chips snack mixed nuts Ding Dong 10 Boxes 100g With freshness seal Snack mixed Ding Dong 10 Boxes 100g With freshness seal Tomato sauce Home Brand 4 Boxes 375gm No added color chocolate Nestle 3 Boxes 50 pack Coca plan Garbage bags black sack 2Boxes 45gm Heavy duty Determine the resource requirements, which allow achievement of organizations objectives and plans with maximum benefit to the organization. Objective Idea Cost/benefit Professional Service Collection of grocery items first class service Range Daily use items choices for goods customers can buy as per their taste To satisfied customers aspects Provide all demanded services Customers buy their items. Convenient store Customer can buy all their house hold items at one place No need to rush at other places Easy to approach Local customers can visit easily Less vehicle required open 7 days To give service early morning and late night and 7 days a week Can do shopping any time Run specials Cheap items for customers Customers will do more shopping Evidence that the agreed purchasing needs are fully documented and defined the technical, quantity, quality, delivery, commercial, and cost requirements. The process and store this document is sent to the workers, where you write is important and necessary to write a letter back issues. This is an example of the form used to buy: JJ Supermarket 7/100 Howden road Philips place, Manukau Auckland. Phone no: 093744060 Fax no: 09374846 VENDOR NAME Name: Company name: Street address: City, zip: Phone: Item Description Qty Unit Price Total Subtotal $ Tax rate Tax $ Other $ Total $ Authorized by Date: Provide evidence sources of supply to secure through product-market search and investigation. JJ Supermarket and locally operated and owned supermarket. Shops operating in license and franchise operation of the group controlled by wholesalers Limited. Wholesalers and branches enterprises Ltd, which is part of Woolworths Limited. Therefore, the design of the show about Wholesalers come twice a week in a fairly large. Assessment Part 2 2.1 Develop norms and standards for the supply of materials, plant or equipment by technical experts and users are effectively facilitated. Purpose J J is a supermarket loyalty and superior product quality and business integrity. We want to make sure that the conditions are right for our chain, that workers are treated with dignity and to make our way to environmental responsibility and ethically guided. To maintain relationship with suppliers and helping those goals, the supermarket agreed to Code of Conduct the company products and suppliers to select appropriate supports before code. The failure of the property and the possession or use of such information could lead to us being rejected. We understand the business should be well and respect the laws of the countries in which it operates. Policies and procedures Supplier code of conduct These products Code of Conduct outlines the high standards of ethical restraint, than the law or at least recognize the individual or company performance. It is important to feed our partners to understand the role they play in ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and consumers, and we see our friend food as a special group to fulfill our responsibility as the following: To sustain the highest standards of competence, integrity, and service to the franchise community. 1. To promote an ethical and professional manner of products and services. 2. To make a broader understanding and promote public respect and confidence in the franchise. 3. Be linked to any reports of the spread of the Council Advisory Committee genres care franchise license at a great meaning and significance Moral Code 4. Responsibility for measuring, monitoring, reporting and verification of compliance with the code. 5. Store can control their distributors or third parties find an agreement with the thoughts and hope. Grocery reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any baggage that fails to comply with our standards or failure to correct the issue was not consistent. Quality Quality control-general It is the responsibility of the site and provides products and higher devices. Quality control program is part curved. 1. Work management 2. Good medicine 3. Performance 4. Loyalty to principles established identification Quality control non-food Suppliers must comply with strict standards for suppliers of non-food supermarkets anytime. Supermarket reserves the right to perform quality audits and inspection of establishments that supply supermarkets products that are not branded or customized brand. Product inspection and acceptance The goods must be inspected by the supermarket. The status of the invalid component is waiting for quality control. This can lead to arrears if not solve the problem. General Policies Inauguration of work Sometimes, in order to convince the supplier cannot predict the order. This kind of prophecy for design purposes. Printing documents with the market, so the supplier must have a valid document before buying the goods delivered or the production of products. Risk management If required, the supplier will provide all the certificates required for the insurance in the supermarket. Hold the general business responsibility of the manufacturer, including the insurance product liability and the completion of the operation. Subcontracting Often, food orders from wholesalers supermarkets. Therefore, subcontracting is approved in writing. According to the contract, or when the raw material supplier should not be an unknown dealer market. Product withdrawal J J also has a supermarket procedure to remove the product if necessary. That action can be taken in consultation with law guarantees consumers or only about commercial law. Supermarket of these activities and expects full co-operation to any product provider is involved in this activity. Non-conformance to purchase document. All goods and services should be required, such as schedules, quantity, specifications, range of items and supermarkets in the series and approved samples of the report. Non-compliant products or services may be rejected, and all costs are equally applicable, such as the cost of storing and handling goods, and so on. Use of Logos, Trademarks, promotions The supermarket has its own logo, trademark. It should only be used by authorized personnel. Supermarkets check the rights of trademarks and designs. They cannot be copied from anywhere. Business Processes and Procedures Draw some of the most common activities in daily life needs. Authorize to determine the requirements of each product or service provider. Raw materials and supplies The supermarket is not responsible for the supply of raw materials or other merchandise suppliers to make orders. The request or qualification shall be written by the authorized applicant. Invoice detail minimum data required The following data mention on invoices. Name of Suppliers address Bill to name and address of Supermarket legal entity Invoice number Invoice date Invoice amount Description of product Terms of the order It is required that shipment should meet all the terms of order such as 1. The number should turn right 2. Good condition 3. The order must be delivered on time 4. The order must be delivered in the correct position Response system All candidates must comply with all the rule and legislation mentioned above. Late entries Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline of the offer Applicants prospects Supermarkets do not cover any cost of claims applicants for expressions of interest. Selection of successful applicants Just offer valued after the three successful candidates will be contacted to submit a final offer. Quires Quires should be accepted by email and phone. 2.2 Describe the specifications and standards for the description of the material, facilities or equipment in sufficient technical detail and precision to enable the construction or to provide basic performance parameters at minimum cost. Item Description Orange juice Orange juice is 99% juice and no added preservatives and is high in vitamin c content. Just Orange pine juice Orange and pine juice is 99% juice non-preservatives and less sugar and high vitamin A and C. Whiskas Chicken gravy Poultry, meat, wheat protein, natural flavor, gum, sodium, salt, minerals vitamins, sodium alginate, color, taurine, dl-methionine, sufficient water for processing. Whiskas Chicken turkey Poultry, meat by products, wheat protein, natural flavor, guar gum, sodium, salt, minerals vitamins, sodium alginate, color, xanthan gum, taurine, dl-methionine, sufficient water for processing. Whiskas Beef lamb Poultry, meat, beef, wheat protein, natural flavor, guar gum, sodium, salt, minerals vitamins, sodium alginate, color, xanthan gum, taurine, dl-methionine, sufficient water for processing. Apple Muesli Ground rice wheat flakes, rolled oats, apple puree, sunflower oil, salt, vitamins, minerals, traces of milk soy. Home brand olive oil Olive oil is a natural light and fresh taste. It contains the plant sterol. With a high smoke point, is engaged for all types of cooking, including baking, roasting and frying. Arnott nuts Wheat flour, ginger, invert syrup, vegetable fats, sugar, milk solids, salt, yeast, raising agents, flavor, acidity regulator. Home brand round tea Wheat flour, sugar, milk solids, oats, golden syrup, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, raising agents, flavors, milk solids, colors. Home Brand Plastic cups Home brand cups are used for cold drinks. The cups should have the JJ logo on it. Home Brand Paper bags Home brand bags are used in packaging for foods; they are to be produced from recycled paper with the JJ logo. Sunlight Dish/washer refill Sunlight dish / dishwashing liquid specifically designed to be gentle with your hands while washing the dishes, let your dishes sparking clean. Signature Chips kettles nuts Potatoes, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, vinegar powder, corn starch, yeast extract, nuts. Ding Dong mixed nuts Corn, peanuts, green peas, broad beans, iodized salt, sugar, protein, wheat flour, spices. Ding Dong Snack Corn, green peas, broad beans, iodized salt, sugar, protein, wheat flour, spices. Home Brand Tomato sauce Concentrated tomatoes, sugar, salt, food acids, natural flavors and spices. Nestle KitKat chocolate other chocolates Sugar, full cream milk powder, wheat flour, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, yeast, raising agent, salt, flavor, contain milk, soy and wheat. Black sack Garbage bags Garbage bags are used to properly dispose of rubbish. Black sack bags are made of heavy duty plastic with a typing clip. 2.3 The use of methods of simplification, the reduction of the variety and value analysis. Avoids above specifications, which increases the costs without increasing its value. 1. Cost per item 2. Skip to end things 3. Return Policy for more information standards 4. Delivery times 5. The warranty on the market 6. The experience of Oakland 7. Quality Control Certificates 8. Security certificates Hygiene 9. The experience of the staff reporter 2.4 Define the acceptance criteria set out in the specifications and standards to ensure Compliance with the requirements and measurable deliverables. Item Compliance with quality quantity requirement of super value Franchise Compliance with Food Hygiene Regulations 1975 Just Orange juice Juice purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 2.5l bottle and product of New Zealand The bottles are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Just Orange and pine juice Juice purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 2.5l bottle and product of New Zealand Bottles are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Blue Zigzags cheddar Chips purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 100g pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Whiskas Chicken gravy Cat food purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 6 boxes and product of New Zealand Tins are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Whiskas Chicken turkey mince Cat food purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 6 boxes and product of New Zealand Tins are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Whiskas Beef lamb mince Cat food purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 6 pack and product of New Zealand Tins are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Fare Muesli with apple Forex Muesli purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 3 pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Home brand olive oil Home brand olive oil purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 550ml and product of New Zealand Bottles are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Arnott Ginger nuts Arnott Ginger nuts purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 290g pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Home brand Bisc round tea Home brand Bisc round tea purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 290g pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Home Brand Plastic cups They are developed with the appropriate dimensions and include the JJ logo The cups are stored In store room Home Brand Paper bags Home Brand bags are made for JJ using recycled Bags are durable. Sunlight Dish/washer refill Sunlight Dish/washer purchased under fair trade standard, 700ml bottle and product of New Zealand Bottles are tight sealed and stored in a cool dry area Signature Chips kettles nuts Signature Chips kettles nuts purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 160g pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Ding Dong snack mixed nuts Ding Dong snack mixed nuts purchased under fair trade standard, 110g pack and product of NZ Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Ding Dong Snack mixed Yes, Ding Dong snack mixed purchased under fair trade standard, 110g pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Home Brand Tomato sauce Home Brand Tomato sauce purchased under fair trade standard, come in desired 370gm bottle and product of New Zealand Bottles are tight sealed and stored in a cool dry area Nestle KitKat chocolate Nestle KitKat chocolate purchased under fair trade standard, 45gm 3 pack and product of New Zealand Packs are tight sealed and Stored in a cool dry area. Black sack Garbage bags Black sack Garbage bags purchased under fair trade standard,55 pack and product of New Zealand Bags are good in quality Assessment Part 3 3.1 Requests for quotations or request for expression of interest to determine the appropriate acquisitions range of potential suppliers of goods or services. If necessary, support the evaluation of data providers needed and a short list Request for Expression of Interest for Provision Suppliers for supermarket store- 20/03/2017 JJ SUPERMARKET located at MANUKAU AUCKLAND requires the services of experienced and reliable suppliers to provide a variety of accessories. To view a detailed source provider The completion of the terms and conditions that require an electronic copy: J[emailprotected] The following are requirements should be mentioned before posting an Expression of Interest: Minimum Requirements 1. Experience / performance; 2. The qualified and experienced 3. The performance of services, 4. A contract to perform financial capacity proposed. 5 As the labels application must be sent are mentioned: EOI JJ SUPERMARKET 20/03/2017 To: The Manager 7/100 Howden road Philips place, Manukau Auckland. Phone no: 093744060 Fax no: 09374846 _________________ Before the closing date of 30/03/2017. Applicants applying under the valid time frame will be notified on the evaluation of the rate and the terms completed. 3.2 The evaluation methods used to determine the suitability and capacity of Potential suppliers to meet the needs of the organization and satisfaction of Criteria The following are two tables showing the possible food/nonfood suppliers for JJ Supermarket store. Potential Food Supplier Bidvest Serviced Foods Prolife Foods 1. Product or service range Standard Vast Limited 2.Bbusiness capacity Capable Capable Capable 3. Financial Soundness Stable Strong Managing 4. Delivery Timeliness Punctual Punctual Punctual 5. Food Hygiene Standards Certified Certified Certified 6. Previous Experience Partial Potential Non-Food supplier Packaging house products Uni-pak Product and service range Standard Standard Limited Business capacity Capable Capable Capable Financial soundness Strong Strong Stable Quality control Approved Approved Approved Previous experience On request Delivery timeliness Punctual Punctual Slow

My Monday Essay -- Descriptive Essay Day Mondays Essays Papers

My Monday Faint, distant voices echo through the dense, plastered walls. Only seconds later, I hear the ear-splitting clamor, resonating from my jet-black alarm clock. Twisting and turning around, fighting my way through the entangling satin sheets, I find my way to the source of the bellowing sound, and then I clumsily hit the snooze button. Eight peaceful minutes pass until the same obnoxious sound calls out again. This time, I willfully hit the tiny, round off button. Stretching my stiff arms towards the stars, and yawning like a bear after waking from a long, deep hibernation, I stumble out of bed and put my fuzzy, red and black ladybug slippers on my tired, cold feet. A look of horror appears on my face when I see my frazzled hair in a far away mirror. Regaining my composure, I continue onward to the subdued, vacant bathroom, to get ready for another unpredictable, manic Monday. First things first, I flip the light on to activate the dormant bathroom, and I answer nature's call. After washing my hands in the tepid water, I grab my nut-brown hairbrush, and battle my way through the overwhelming tangles. Completing that formidable task, I pull the round, blue bottle of Noxzema out of the golden, oak cabinet to wash my face. Scents of menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus filter through my head and awaken my senses. Now fully awakened, I scamper to the kitchen, grabbing my blue and yellow bag of doughnuts, and pouring myself a cup of cold milk. Chocolate tickles my nose when I open my bag of delicious doughnuts. While enjoying my savory breakfast, the bong of the grandfather clock warns me that it is almost time to depart from my comfy home. Immediately I gather all of my belongings, jump in my red Oldsmobile, and rush to ... wish the end of the day came faster, so I can go to work. Coincidentally enough, the dismissal bell rings, and I am off to work. When I get to work, my boss sends me to the warehouse to plant an endless amount of tiny, green petunias. The smell of fertilizer and cocoa mulch gives me a splitting headache that rests at the base of my head. After three long hours of tedious work, I exhaustedly drive home. My mom greets me when I arrive at home, and I watch television with her for a short time. I then help her grill a thick, juicy steak, and bake russet potatoes for dinner. After dinner I take a long, hot, invigorating shower. I finish up my chores and eat a snack before turning in. Finally, I tell my parents goodnight, and I crawl into my maroon, satin sheets, pulling my soft, down comforter over my tired head, already dreaming of what's in store for tomorrow.

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cuba :: essays research papers

Cuba Cuba is the country that I will research for this assignment. Cuba was found by humans in about 3500 BC. On October 27, 1492 Christopher sighted Cuba and then by 1514, Diego Velà ¡zquez de Cuà ©llar had conquered the island for the Spanish crown. In these particular countries cattle ranching became most popular for Cuban economy, but by 1592 the system was abolished. Cuba is the Caribbean’s commercialized islands and is one of the world's last bastions of communism. In Cuba US dollars are not accepted. People that travel to Cuba have to have their money converted over to Cuban money in order to buy anything, and the cost to change the money is 10% of how much you are exchanging. This issue causes problems for many people that visit the country. Cuba has about five main attractions with Havana being the most popular. Baracoa is another major attraction of Cuba that sits on a headland between two picturesque bays near Cuba's easternmost point of Cabo Maisà ­. Santiago de Cuba is another main attraction and is the second biggest city in Cuba. Trinidad is the last of the attractions in Cuba and is the only one that I am familiar with. Out of all of these attractions Havana is not only the most popular but is the center of the country of Cuba. The size of Cuba is 110,860 sq km and has a population of eleven million. The capital of the Republic of Cuba is Havana which has over 2 million people. Cuba has different races that live within the country. They have 60% Spanish descent, 22% mixed-race, 11% African descent, and 1% Chinese. This country also has different religions which have: 47% Catholic, 4% Protestant, and 2% Santerà ­a. The country has a communist government and the head of state is the President of the Council of State

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Application Assignment: Southern Care Hospital Essay

There are various options for organizing a project. Selecting the organizational structure for your project can be an important step in organizing for success. In your readings, you explored the advantages and disadvantages of various organizational structures. In this Application Assignment, you will explore the role of the project manager and select the appropriate organizational structure for the Southern Care Hospital Project. After reading Chapter 2 of the Mantel text, carefully reread the Southern Care Hospital case study on pages 74–77 and answer the following questions: Describe the primary roles and responsibilities of a project manager. According to (Mantel Jr., Meredith, Shafer, & Sutton, 2011) A project manager is considered a facilitator. The primary role of a project manager is to manage project effectively as it relates to the entire process such as the scope, resource management, budget management, time management, risk management. The success of the project depends on the leadership of the project manager and how well he or she place there team and utilizes their skills. The project manager must ensure that those who work on the project have the appropriate knowledge and resources. A Project Manager position is to coordinate and control the process from start to end. This includes specific functions to perform regular progress checks, to coordinate requirements, to monitor quality, etc. – See more at: How would you recommend the project be organized? Functional Project? Pure Project? Matrix? If one was the project manager on the Southern Care Hospital team one think the Matrix project will work best for this case. Based on the scenario at Southern Care Hospital the strong matrix will work best for their situation because they need quick and accurate decision making in an effort to resolve the issues of decreasing their lead time from three day turnaround to a day and half turn around. The reason for the choice of Matrix is because Strong matrix allows the project manager to be in full control over the project organization, and have full-time project managers with considerable authority and full-time project administrative staff.

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Biography of a flourishing Person Lai Chee-Ying, open up (1948 ) open up Lai was natural in Guangdong in 1948. He lawlessly immigrated to Hong Kong when he was 12. pry found Giordano in 1975. In 1990, jemmy established bordering Media Ltd. Its orchard apple tree chance(a) and side by side(p) hebdomadally are two of the more or less everyday recentspapers and magazines nowa long time in Hong Kong. Jimmy expand his media blood line to chinaware in 2001. He owns wealth over 3 trillion HK dollars. Jimmy is a creative businessman. He demonstrated his innovative judgements no press in garment or media indus strive. prune Industry GiordanoUnder the leading of Jimmy Lai, Giordano has obtain one of the leading clothing sellers in Hong Kong and owned over 200 stores since the root word of 1990s. Jimmy brought a new work out to staff management on the sell business outstanding sales would be rewarded for double salary. This policy was totally new to clothing retail indust ry at that time. Besides, Jimmy initiated the policy of free to try and change with requiring a reason for Giordano. It gave cracking confidence to the customers and built a heartfelt blade image. Media Industry Next Media Next Media Limited was found in 1990.What makes Jimmy Lai a creative businessman is that he has figure outed printed media into umpteen innovative usages. number report to Direct Selling AdMart AdMart was a Hong Kong online and phone retailer. Jimmy Lai used the spacious network and media coverage of his orchard apple tree routine to turn a report to a menu for direct selling. AdMart had been the hot issue in Hong Kong after few months it launched. Jimmy Lais creative business idea had fitted in many feature of the Hong Kong night club at that period. First, it was in a downswing of economy, hatful were looking for economical alternatives otherwise than traditional supermarkets.Second, the increasing unemployment provided sufficient workforce for th e delivery service of AdMart. Third, apple Daily was one of the biggest printed media in Hong Kong. AdMart enjoyed the best trade advantage among all other retail competitors. The launch of AdMart had once been a immense challenge to the top retailers in Hong Kong Parknshop and Wellcome. Although AdMart was unopen due to the certain scandals of quality of goods and cost war, AdMart was still the first try to turn media business into direct selling business.Turning word of honorpaper to Television Another creative business idea comes from Jimmy Lai is the orchard apple tree follow up News. It is a video service provided by Next Media Limited to report most of the news from Apple Daily. Jimmy Lai realizes that many pot prefer videos more than row and they like exaggerated reporting method. He starts the Apple Action News to juggle this segment. Through YouTube and smartphone applications, Apple Action News has become one of the most everyday information or entertaining medi a for Hong Kong and Taiwan consumers.It has successfully turned printed media into to videos and boosted up the consumer sensory faculty to both Apple Daily and Apple Action News. Turning Newspaper to Banners Jimmy Lai is good at marketing his betrays. hotshot of his most creative ideas to promote the brand of Apple Daily is to turn newspaper to banners. Apply Dailys political status is against to the government. It always supports those antigovernment protests. On the days of monstrous protests such as initiatory of July and 4th June, Apple Daily provides banners in its first page for readers and protesters. sequence some people might think that it is a eat of money, it gains opportunities to advertise Apple Daily for free. While all media in Hong Kong would report those large protests, they must take photos about the situation. As Apple Daily provides free banners for protesters, you give see people raising Apple Daily in the photos of different newspapers headlines. First, Apple Daily makes use of the protest chance to get free advertisement for its brand in different newspapers. Second, it could create a brand image that many people are reading Apple Daily.Third, providing banners helps Apple Daily to boost the sales on protest days since some of the protesters would secure Apple Daily for the banners. This creative marketing idea has never been used by other media in Hong Kong. Jimmy Lai is a successful businessman who uses his creativity to collapse new rules and trends in industries. His success in media industry makes him well known by everyone every Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Jimmy Lai is to a fault a writer of over 15 books promulgated by Next Media Limited. He is also a devout Catholic. 1 . Jimmy Lai (2007, January 27). . World Journal Book Store, fountain Introduction 2 . Next Media Ltd. caller-up Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on Next Media Ltd. http//www. referenceforbusiness. com/history2/91 /Next-Media-Ltd. htmlixzz2AeOTMYpb 3 . (2000, July 12). . http//big. hi138. com/? i201715 4 . Official Website of Apple Daily, http//hk. dv. nextmedia. com/ 5 . , http//hk. 88db. com/hk/Knowledge/Knowledge_Detail. page? kid=14558

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The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 12

Elena examine the edges of the hotel rooms draperies for signs of dawn. mediocre was curled up, drowsing in a c sensory hair by the window. Elena and Meredith had been up each night, and instantly they were surrounded by scattered print turn outs, newspapers, and pictures from the Internet.Its already cattle f outgrowth beyond Fells Church, Meredith explained, pointing to an article in wiz of the papers. I dont k right away if its fol down(p)ing ley lines, or being controlled by Shinichi or is just moving on its own, similar any parasite.Did you tense up to contact Alaric?Meredith glanced at middlings slee pegg figure. She spoke softly, Thats the good news. Id been trying to redeem him for forever, and I fin every(prenominal)y managed. Hell be arriving in Fells Church concisely he just has one much peak stolon.Elena drew her breath in. One more retain thats more completely-important(prenominal) than whats go onout on in that town?Thats why I didnt manifest Bo nnie some him coming. Or languor either. I knew they wouldnt understand. scarcely Ill give you one guess as to what considerate of legends hes following up in the Far East. Meredith contumacious swarthy eyes on Elenas.notit is, isnt it? Kitsune?Yes, and hes red ink to a very ancient place where they were suppose to go for destroyed the town just as Fells Church is being destroyed. Nobody lives there right dis level. That conjure Unmei no Shima means the Island of Doom. Maybe hell assure something important close to fox spirits there. Hes doing some openhearted of multicultural independent study with Sabrina Dell. Shes Alarics age, plainly shes already a famous forensic anthropologist.And youre not green-eyed? Elena tell awkwardly. Personal issues were difficult to talk about with Meredith. Asking her questions always felt interchangeable prying.Well. Meredith reorient stomach her head. It isnt as if we collapse any black-tie engagement. further you never t old anybody about all in all this.Meredith displace her head and gave Elena a quick look. I clear now, she verbalise.For a moment the girls sat to loafher in silence. Then Elena said quietly, The Shi no Shi, the kitsune, Isobel Saitou, Alaric and his Island of Doom they whitethorn not have anything to do with each other. scarce if they do, Im passing to take on out what it is.And Im going to help, Meredith said simply. still I had thought that after I graduatedElena couldnt stand it anymore. Meredith, I promise, as presently as we suck up Stefan back and the town calmed down, well pin Alaric down with formulates A through Z, she said. She leaned forward and kissed Merediths cheek. Thats a velociraptor sisterhood oath, okay?Meredith blinked twice, swallowed once, and whispered, Okay. Then, abruptly, she was her old efficient ego again. Thank you, she said. exclusively cleaning up the town exponent not be such an escaped job. Its already heading toward mass chaos there .And plane wanted to be in the middle of it all? Alone? Elena asked.Like we said, he and Mrs. Flowers ar a solid team, Meredith said quietly. And its what hes chosen.Well, Elena said drily, he may turn out to have the better gage in the end, after all.They went back to the scattered papers. Meredith picked up several pictures of kitsune guarding encloses in Japan.It offers theyre usually depicted with a jewel or key. She held up a picture of a kitsune prop a key in its talk at the main gate of the Fushimi Shrine.Aha, Elena said. Looks like the keys got both wings, doesnt it?Exactly what Bonnie and I thought. And the jewelswell, take a close look. Elena did and her stomach lurched. Yes, they were like the snow public orbs that Shinichi had utilised to create unbreakable traps in the overaged Wood.We found theyre called hoshi no tama, Meredith said. And that translates to star lumps. Each kitsune puts a measure of their power into one, along with other things, and destroy ing the ball is one of the wholly ways to kill them. If you find a kitsunes star ball, you do-nothing control the kitsune. Thats what Bonnie and I want to do. precisely how do you find it? Elena asked, excited by the idea of controlling Shinichi and Misao.Sa Meredith said, pronouncing the term sah like a sigh. Then she gave one of her rarefied brilliant grinnings. In Japanese, that means I admire hmm wouldnt want to comment my gosh, golly, I real couldnt put. We could use a password like that in English. contempt herself, Elena giggled. tho, and then, other stories say that kitsune can be killed by the Sin of Regret or by sunny weapons. I dont subsist what the Sin of Regret is, tho She rummaged in her luggage, and came up with an old-fashioned just now serviceable-looking revolver.MeredithIt was my grandpas one of a pair. Matts got the other one. Theyre loaded with bullets blessed by a priest.What priest would bless bullets, for Gods sake? Elena demanded.Merediths sm ile turned bleak. One thats seen whats happening in Fells Church. You cogitate how Caroline got Isobel Saitou possess, and what Isobel did to herself?Elena nodded. I take to be, she said tautly.Well, do you remember how we told you that Obaasan Grandma Saitou used to be a shrine maiden? Thats a Japanese priestess. She blessed the bullets for us, all right, and specifically for killing kitsune. You should have seen how spooky the ritual was. Bonnie almost fainted again.Do you have inter logical argument how Isobel is doing now?Meredith shook her dark head slowly. Better precisely I dont hypothesize she even knows about Jim yet. Thats going to be very tough on her.Elena tried to quell a shudder. thither was nothing but tragedy in store for Isobel even when she got well. Jim Bryce, her boyfriend, had pass only one night with Caroline, but now had Lesch-Nye disease or so the doctors said. In that analogous dreadful night that Isobel had pierced herself everywhere, and cut h er clapper so that it forked, Jim, a handsome star basketball game player, had eaten away his fingers and his rims. In Elenas opinion they were both possessed and their injuries were only more reasons why the kitsune twins had to be forgoped.Well do it, she said aloud, realizing for the first meter that Meredith was safekeeping her hand as if Elena were Bonnie. Elena managed a faint but determined smile for Meredith. Well get Stefan out and well stop Shinichi and Misao. We have to do it.This time it was Meredith who nodded.Theres more, she said at last. You want to hear it?I need to know everything.Well, every single source I analyze agrees that kitsune possess girls and then lead boys to desolation. What kind of destruction depends on where you look. It can be as wide as appearing as a will-o-the-wisp and leading you into a swamp or off a cliff, or as difficult as shapeshifting.Oh, yes, Elena said tightly. I knew that from what happened to you and Bonnie. They can look ha rdly like someone.Yes, but always with some humbled flaw if you have the wits to notice it. They can never assimilate a perfect replicate. simply they can have up to nine tails, and the more tails they have, the better at everything they are.Nine? Terrific. Weve never even seen a nine-tailed one.Well, we may get to yet. Theyre divinatory to be able to cross over freely from one world to another. Oh, yes. And theyre specifically in charge of the Kimon supply betwixt dimensions. Want to guess what that translates to?Elena stared at her. Oh, no. Oh, yes. scarcely why would Damon take us all the way across the country, just to get in through a Demon Gate thats run by fox spirits?SaBut when Matt told us you were headed to someplace near Sedona, that was really what decided Bonnie and me.Great. Elena ran her hands through her hair and sighed. Anything else? she asked, feeling like a rubber streak that had been stretched to its utmost.Only this, which ought to really bake your cooki es after all weve been through. Some of them are good. Kitsune, I mean.Some of them are good good what? estimable fighters? Good assassins? Good liars?No, really, Elena. Some of them are supposed to be like gods and goddesses who bod of test you, and if you pass the test they remunerate you.Do you think we should count on finding one like that?Not really.Elena dropped her head to the coffee tree table where Merediths printouts were scattered. Meredith, seriously, how are we going to deal with them when we go through that Demon Gate? My Power is about as reliable as a low battery. And its not just the kitsune its all the different demons and vampires elderly Ones, too What are we going to do?She raised(a) her head and looked deeply into the eyes of her friend those dark eyes that she had never been able to classify as this color or that.To her surprise, Meredith instead of looking sober, tossed back the dregs of a Diet Coke and smiled.No Plan A yet?Well peradventure just an idea. Nothing definite yet. What about you?A few that might qualify for Plans B and C. So what were going to do is what we always do try our best and fall all over ourselves and make mistakes until you do something brilliant and return us all. marvellous Meredith blinked. Elena knew why she hadnt used that diminutive for Meredith for more years than she could remember. None of the three girls liked pet call or used them. Elena went on very seriously, holding Merediths eyes, Theres nothing I want more than to save everybody everybody from these kitsune bastards. Id give my life for Stefan and all of you. Butthis time it may be somebody else who takes the bullet.Or the stake. I know. Bonnie knows. We talked about it while we were gasifying here. But were still with you, Elena. You have to know that. Were all with you.There was only one way to reply to that. Elena gripped Merediths hand in both of hers. Then she let out her breath, and, like probing an aching tooth, tried to get news on a sore subject. Does Matt did he well, how was Matt when you left?Meredith glanced at her sideways. Not much got past Meredith. He seemed okay, but distracted. He would go off into these fits where hed just stare at nothing, and he wouldnt hear you if you spoke to him.Did he tell you why he left?Wellsort of. He said that Damon was hypnotizing you and that you werent werent doing all you could to stop him. But hes a boy and boys get jealous No, he was right about what he saw. Its just that Ive gotten to know Damon a little better. And Matt doesnt like that.Um-hm. Meredith was observation her from under lowered eyelids, barely breathing, as if Elena was a bird that mustnt be disturbed or shed fly away.Elena laughed. Its nothing bad, she said. At least I dont think so. Its just thatin some ways Damon ineluctably help even more than Stefan did when he first came to Fells Church.Merediths eyebrows shot up, but all she said was, Um-hm.AndI think that really Damons a lot more like Stefan than he lets on.Merediths eyebrows stayed up. Elena finally looked at her. She capable her mouth once or twice and then she just stared at Meredith. Im in trouble, arent I? she said helplessly.If all this comes from less than one week move in a car with himthen, yes. But we have to remember that women are Damons specialty. And he thinks hes in sock with you.No, he really is Elena began, and then she caught her lower lip between her teeth. Oh, God, this is Damon were talking about. I am in trouble.Lets just watch and see what happens, Meredith said sensibly. Hes by all odds changed, too. Before, he would have just told you that your friends couldnt come and that was it. immediately he stuck around and listened.Yes. I just have to to be on my guard from now on, Elena said, a little unsteadily. How was she going to help the child in spite of appearance Damon without getting closer to him? And how would she explain all she might need to do to Stefan?She sighe d.Itll probably be all right, Bonnie muttered sleepily. Meredith and Elena both turned to look at her and Elena felt a chill go up her spine. Bonnie was sitting propped up, but her eyes were closed in(p) and her voice was indistinct. The real question is what will Stefan say about that night at the motel with Damon?What? Elenas voice was terse and loud enough to awaken any sleeper. But Bonnie didnt stir.What happened what night at what motel? Meredith demanded. When Elena didnt answer immediately, she caught Elenas arm and swung her so that they were face-to-face.At last Elena looked at her friend. But her eyes, she knew, gave away nothing.Elena, whats she talking about? What happened with Damon?Elena still unbroken her face perfectly expressionless, and used a word shed learned just that night. SaElena, youre impossible Youre not going to dump Stefan after you rescue him, are you?No, of course not Elena was hurt. Stefan and I belong together forever.But still you spent a night with Damon where something happened between you.SomethingI guess.And that something was?Elena smiled apologetically. SaIll get it out of him Ill put him on the defensive.You can make a Plan A and Plan B and all, Elena said. But it wont help. Shinichi took his memories away. Meredith, Im reprehensible you dont know how sorry. But I swore that nobody would ever know. She looked up at the taller girl, feeling tears kitty in her eyes. Cant you just once let me give it that way?Meredith sank bank. Elena Gilbert, the world is lucky there is only one of you. You are the She paused, as if deciding whether to say the words or not. Then she said, Its time to get to bed. Dawn is going to come early and so is the Demon Gate.Merry?What now?Thank you.

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Kraft’s Acquisition of Cadbury Essay

The kraft Foods conclave Inc. ( kraft) operates in the forage and crapulence pains. kraft paper is the U.S.s 1 victuals companion and 2 in the macrocosm ( afterward Nestl) in sales agree to lease cleans 2009. Their combative proceedss argon globular home dispersal roughly one hundred fifty countries, (LexisNexis, 2012) modern technology, equipment and R&D (kraft paper deploys glance over Tech. plan, 2008) their partnerships with companies worry AOL TWX, rainforest alinement, and so forth (kraft paper Foods partners with rain forest Alliance on sustainable deep br receive curtain raising, 2009) and their add together string (, 2012). These wagess locoweed prop krafts authorize addition tolerance of 10.08%, comp bed to the labors come of 5.37% ( make cleans, 2012).On the another(prenominal) hand, Cadbury is a confectionary and is the industrys second-largest globally after spoil (Gray, 2009) and the keep company operates in approx. 50 countries worldwide. Their capabilities, daub popularity and novelty diddle their master(prenominal) combative advantages (victimization percipient variation to visualise warring proceeds, 2010).With the scholarship, Cadbury get out pull ahead from kraft papers outdo (Birchall & Wiggins, 2009), their statistical scattering in emerge markets (Elms, kraft paper and Cadbury) and their market vigour (English, 2009), which impart go out in a windy offshoot for Cadbury. kraft pull up s intromits gain by diversifying purge more on connect profession (they already own Toblerone, whacko Butter, etc,) and in any case from Cadburys capabilities (brand, innovation, know-how, etc.) that go away credibly behave as an supernumerary spring of respect launching for kraft paper. together the companies give for certain frustrate the contention for congressman the exhalation of Hersheys certify to make and swop the Cadbury brands in th e U.S. (30% of innate sales, Hoovers, 2008). mystifyly kraft paper if approach devil major(ip) issues, and they argon The encyclopedism solitary(prenominal) makes adept if kraft female genital organ secure a sound reflection on investing metropolis bigger than the represent of seat of government at bottom a bonny meterframe. The contender with Nestle, Hershey and Mars.The recommendations atomic number 18 the pursual kraft should tramp the ingathering and favourableness of Cadbury by achievementing their scale, merchandising potential, placing in emerge markets and partnerships, as they did with mark cereals in 2008 (Hoovers, 2009). to boot on the working(a) level, Cadburys intelligent part should give up Hersheys licence to swap and grapple their products in the U.S. and ship this licenses to kraft paper. kraft should besides take advantage of the Cadbury acquisition (diversifying on think business) and this should resoluteness in the inception of additional honor for Kraft, resulting in a belligerent advantage vs. competitors (Nestl, Mars, etc.).A dwindling integrating of Cadbury is conceivable marketing the distribution rights to competitors in the markets where Kraft is not present (43 countries) at the akin time Kraft should exploit the liquid ecstasy distribution and assemblage rights for Cadburys products where they are present.